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KM-DoubleTrouble chair 1-1.jpg
Design Year: 2016
Dimensions: Fiberglass, steel, rubber
Materials: Studio Produced

Fiberglass collection was an experimental series commissioned by kinderModern in 2016 along with the Homasote collection as a take on Modernist furniture designed for children.

GPO-3 is a very dense industrial material that is normally used to electrically isolate high voltage equipment. The fiberglass was cut using an conventional router with abrasive bit on cnc cut templates.

The use of GP0-3 as a machine cut flat material is both a reference to the collections and as a contrast to its typical use in furnature. The fiberglass is held to the steel using studio cast and branded shock mounts.

Frames are blackened and waxed mild steel braze welded with silicon bronze.