Caviar Sconce

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Caviar Sconce
CK-Caviar Sconce 03.jpg
Design Year: 2016
Materials: Glass, aluminum, steel, LED components
Manufacturer: Studio Produced

Caviar Sconces are sculptural lighting fixtures. They have a body made of small steel particles and epoxy that resemble caviar. An illuminated lens is affixed to the face and and creates a viewing portal which both magnifies and bends the light to create streaks of color.

This design is emblematic of Chen Chen & Kai Williams's design philosophy of combining common materials to create new forms. The loose and ornate composition of the "caviar" is uniquely produced via the process of spreading the steel shot and epoxy mix. However on the reverse side of the same part is a technically molded form which serves a utilitarian purpose of housing all the electrical components. This shows the duality of one material. The lens further produces an phenomenological occurrence that introduces an illusion of movement within a still object by bending the light in a way that shifts as the viewer moves around.

2018 Design Miami

Shows and Fairs

2016 – Design Miami, Patrick Parrish Gallery, Booth G18, Miami, FL, USA

2017 – FOG Design + Art, Patrick Parrish Gallery, Booth 307, San Francisco, CA, USA

2017 – Spazio Nobile “Crystalized”, Brussels, Belgium

2018 – Collectible Design Fair. Spazio Nobile “Phantasmagoria”, Brussels, Belgium

2018 – Design Miami, The Future Perfect, Booth G35, Miami, FL, USA


The sconce body is made up of steel abrasive that is mixed with epoxy to create a paste like mix. This mix is poured into a 1 part silicone mold with an open top surface. This open surface allows for unique compositions to be formed as the mix is deposited.


Version 1 was debuted by Patrick Parrish Gallery at Design Miami 2016. This version has a body that appears the same as the Version 2 from the front. The main difference is the configuration of the mounting hardware and cleating system. The tripod fixture that holds the illuminated glass lens is painted steel. Five units of a silver edition for Spazio Nobile also have the Version 1 configuration.

Version 2 was developed in spring 2017 to improve production and ease of mounting. The internal cavity was expanded and mounting cleat system was improved. In spring of 2018 the tripod fixture was changed to anodized aluminum. Logo plate and signature were moved from the inside cavity to the back plate.