Baggu Store

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Baggu Store
Design Year: 2014, 2016
Dimensions: Powder coated steel, aluminum, plywood
Materials: Mixed


The Baggu store on North 3rd Street in Brooklyn, New York opened in the summer of 2012. Two years later Chen Chen & Kai Williams was asked to reimagine the space and a system of modular fixtures was designed to be reconfigurable for merchandising and for expansion into different spaces.


The display system was split into three main elements. A grid wall for hanging the eponymous "Baggu" in three sizes, hanging bars were pitched at an angle to leave more floor space and to fan out the canvas and leather bags towards someone walking in the door and a modular quarter circle table system that can be configured into a variety of shapes.



San Francisco


Tradeshow Booth

An easily collapsible variant of hangers and wall mounted racks were designed for quick installation. A padded compression foot was added to fixtures for easy leveling that was inspired by the Vitsoe 606 system, something Chen used often during his time as a Vitsoe installer. Cabinets also doubled as transport carts for all fixtures to travel in.