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Self Sourced products are made with a network of fabricators and factories in the United States and overseas. Chen Chen & Kai Williams visits all overseas factories to ensure ethical production and quality.

Image Title Year
CK-Gagosian1.jpg Disc Bookend 2016
CK-GEM Drum P01.jpg Gemini Drum 2017
CK-GEM Hook1 02.jpg Gemini Hook 1 2017
CK-GEM Hook2 02.jpg Gemini Hook 2 2017
CK-GEM Pill AB01.jpg Gemini Pill 2017
CK-I Beam2.jpg I Beam Desk Tray 2016
CK-Mon 2.jpg Monument Bookend 2016
CK-Mound All2.jpg Mound Candleholder 2016
CK-November Mallet1.jpg November Mallet 2016
CK-Bank Pen Pair.jpg Pens Various
CK-SERP Bottle 02.jpg Serpent 2018
CK-Spiral Cap 02.jpg Spiral 2018
CK-STACK WHITALL 02.jpg Stacking Planter 2016
CK-Trinity 2.jpg Trinity Incense Burner 2016