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Serpent Family
CK-SERP Bottle 02.jpg
Design Year: 2018
Materials: Stainless steel
Manufacturer: Self Sourced

Serpent was designed as a family of 3 products that could be attached to a keychain. A bottle opener and a lighter holder were introduced in May 2018 but the third product, a corkscrew encountered production issues and has been delayed.

The inspiration for Serpent came from a trip to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in 2016 when Cold Cuts Coasters Rugs were being displayed by Tai Ping Carpets during D'Days. Many ceramic vessels had brass snakes as handles or just as a decorative elements draped over the vessels.


Lost wax casting is used to make Serpent. First an aluminum mold is cut of the form and is used to make wax positives. These wax positives are dipped in interchanging layers of ceramic slip and dry ceramic aggregate with the aggregate grain size increasing with each subsequent dip. The ceramic is then fired and during this firing process the wax melts and is drained, leaving a hollow hole for the stainless steel to be poured into. After the metal hardens, the casting is hammered to break off the ceramic mold.

Injecting wax into molds

Coating wax with ceramic slip

Coating slip with ceramic aggregate

Removing ceramic mold from the casting