Resin Warp Core

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Resin Warp Core
CK-Warp Core 01.jpg
Design Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Studio Produced

Warp Cores are free standing triangular sculptural lighting fixtures. They have a body made of composite polyurethane resin panels made from cloth wood and recycled studio work.

Shows and Fairs

2016 – Collective Design Fair, Hand Job Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2016 – Paris Design Week, House of Tai Ping, Paris, France

2016 – Design Miami, Patrick Parrish Gallery, Miami, FL, USA


Version 1 was created for the debut of extra large Cold Cuts Coasters Rug for Tai Ping Carpets at Paris Design Week 2016. The first version was 12' tall consisting of three sections and a triangle of approximately 4".

Version 2 was developed in spring 2019 to create a self contained electrical system. The size of the triangle was increased to approximately 7". Wall units were also introduced.