November Mallet

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November Mallet
CK-November Mallet1.jpg
Design Year: 2011
Dimensions: Blank
Materials: Oiled cold rolled steel, polyethylene
Manufacturer: Self Sourced

November Mallet is named after a beloved professor, Dan November (1933-2008), who taught product design and the first prototyping class students in the Industrial Design program received during the time Chen and Kai attended the Pratt Institute.

Dan assigned students to make tools that they could use through their time at Pratt and beyond. The mallet Chen made in his class is still in the studio tool kit. This design is inspired by that original mallet combined with the functionality and elegant proportion of a dual-head watch band adjusting mallet.

The steel body of the hammer is made outside of Los Angles, California. The soft polyethylene mallet tip is made in Shenzhen, China. The hammer is oiled, assembled, and packaged in New York.