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:) (Timer for Horology)
Design Year: 2019
Dimensions: Clock is approximately 12'x 24"x5" and hangs 10' tall
Materials: Aluminum, Skate Bearings, HDPE, Water
Manufacturer: Studio Produced

:) is a project exploring Graham escapemnts and a contribution to Horology (Nov. 4-Dec 15, 2019), a exhibition at Jack Hanley Gallery, organized by artist Elizabeth Jaeger and Silke Lindner-Sutti.

The Graham escapement was a refinement to the anchor escapement designed in 1715 and used in virtually all pendulum clocks since then. The geometry of the escape wheel and Graham pallets was determined using resources available online and laser cut from aluminum. The clock is inverted so that the weight of clock acts as the driving power. To our knowledge, this has not been done before, probably because it introduces inaccuracies in the pendulum swing. The clock is held in tension by several pounds of water in a hdpe jug suspended from the clock. The pendulum is a Baoding ball, and the escape wheel is cut to depict a smiling face.

As the timer tikes it slowly descends taking approximately 5 minutes to travel 9 feet.