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CK-GEO CTP 01.jpg
Design Year: 2017
Materials: Various stones, steel
Manufacturer: Studio Produced

Geology is a collection of works made by cutting stones into halves or slices and compositing them into a surface. Some works use a steel armature to hold the individual stones in place with negative space around each stone while others use UV bonding to adhere stones to a glass surface. Each piece is unique due to the process.

Large Works

Coffee Table

Coffee Table 1 (Prototype) was produced in January - February 2018 using round river stones.

Coffee Table 2 was produced in March - April 2018 and shown during New York Design Week at The Future Perfect.

Coffee Table 3 was produced in September - October 2018 and shown by The Future Perfect at Design Miami 2018 and was subsequently part of Romancing the Stone in May 2019.

Dining Table

Transition Mirror

Transition Mirrors with dimensions are listed on their own page.

Vascular Shelf

Vascular Shelfs with dimensions are listed on their own page.

Side Table

Stone Rose




Smoky Mountain


Gecko Enclosure