Gemini Hook 1

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Gemini Hook 1
CK-GEM Hook1 02.jpg
Design Year: 2017
Dimensions: Blank
Materials: Self Sourced

The Gemini Hook 1 is machined in brass and stainless steel. The intention of the Gemini series was to create interest through form rather than unusual materials or manufacturing techniques. We use brass for the face of the hook for its antimicrobial qualities. The stainless rear portion attaches to the wall with a #8 Flat Head sheet metal screw. The brass front section threads onto the stainless steel as a hook and cover for the screw. The hook is polished and packaged in our studio.


The Gemini Series is packaged in a two part machined wooden box held together with a black silicone band. Also included in the box is a 2" #8 Stainless SMS and an orange Mungo brand anchor. Treated paper is included to prevent tarnishing.