Arch Candleholder

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Arch Candleholder
CK-Arc Fin NU.jpg
Design Year: 2014
Materials: Marble, brass, steel
Manufacturer: Studio Produced

Arch Candleholders were made in an edition of 10 in a "n" and a "u" shape. Each piece is engraved with a number and year on the underside of the brass disk and were sold through The Future Perfect.

The design utilizes a water jet which cuts in flat 2 dimensions. Through the proportion of the shapes and the addition of hardware this design breaks from the "flat" objects that are commonly associated with this process.

The marble was cut in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and the brass hardware machined in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Polishing and assembly was done by hand in the studio of Chen Chen & Kai Williams.


Made with aluminum hardware.



Arch Mouse Pad