Emerald Ash Bench

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Emerald Ash Bench
CK-Bench 1.jpg
Design Year: 2012
Materials: Ash, abalone shell
Manufacturer: Studio Produced

Emerald Ash Bench was conceived after hearing a radio story about the invasive Emerald Ash Borer which is a jewel beetle that has been devastating the North American ash tree population. The story gave the visual of a beautiful green dot on a piece of ash wood.

Abalone shell circles were used to highlight the construction of the bench which is a design commonly found in Asia. Extremely decorative shell inlay is also typically Asian but here it is used in a very minimal way. Ten numbered and signed pieces were produced

The use of abalone shell inlay to highlight connection points will be passed onto Pearl Tables produced by Good Thing.


This prototype has thicker members and uses mother of pearl inlay.

Emerald Ash Chair

A chair version was created for L'Arcobaleno, now Pamono Inspired by the classic Stargazer Chair. Aluminum supports were gradually increased in thickness until the chair could support an adult man.